(photo by Chris Graves)

(photo by Chris Graves)


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June 15, 2014, AA/FD HQ—In consecutive NHRA Heritage Series events, AA/Fuel Dragster driver Tony Bartone has unleashed blistering back-to-back attacks on his drag-strip adversaries, taking Top Fuel Eliminator Saturday at the 12th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY.

This season Tony and Michael Bartone, who hail from New York, have toted their operation to Bakersfield and then Bowling Green, and, under the tutelage of tuner Steve Boggs, have yet to lose a round of racing. In Kentucky, they set the bar on Friday, qualifying in the #1 position while laying down a stout quarter-mile elapsed time of 5.83 seconds.

In eliminations, the Bartone Bros. entry only got stronger, posting three consecutive 5.7-second clockings. After soloing in the first round with a 5.75, in the semi-finals Bartone dispatched defending Bowling Green winner and 2013 Heritage Series Points Titlist, Jim Murphy, 5.76 to 5.87. For the event win, Bartone outran scrappy crowd favorite Jim Young.

Against Young, who runner-upped with a 6.04 in Ernest and Stephen McClain’s big-block Chevy-powered “Tri-State Racing” machine, Bartone not only won the event, he also set Top Speed of the Meet with a stellar 254.81-mph blast.

Bartone’s speed was just a nano-tick faster than that of Dave Hirata’s, who had posted a 254.71-mph top-end charge while qualifying second in Dale Suhr’s “Orange Crate” railjob out of Iowa.

In fact, Indiana-based front-engine Top Fuel freshmen Hirata posed the most serious challenge to Bartone’s win streak, having turned Low ET of the Meet in the first round of eliminations with a sizzling time of 5.74 seconds. However, Hirata’s threat was snuffed when a reverser malfunctioned in the second round of eliminations, enabling Hirata’s competition, Young, to advance to the final round unopposed.

The next Top Fuel points race in the NHRA Heritage Series is the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals, August 7-10 in Boise, Idaho.

Bartone defeats Tri-State Racing

Bartone defeats Tri-State Racing (photo by Chris Graves)



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Dave Hirata boils the skins in Dale Suhr's "Orange Crate" AA/Fuel Dragster

Dave Hirata boils the skins in Dale Suhr’s “Orange Crate” AA/Fuel Dragster

AA/FD HQ, June 10, 2014—Exuberant, fresh-faced Dave Hirata is among the fearless AA/Fuel Dragster drivers converging from all points of America to battle at this week’s 12th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky for an 8-car showdown between the always gnarsome and unpredictable front-engine Top Fuel class.

As the new driver of Dale Suhr’s stealthy but beastly “Orange Crate” Top Fuel dragster out of Waterloo, Iowa, Hirata insists that this Hot Rod Reunion is not just a fight for control over the competition, but a contest of wills between the driver and the race car itself.

“Things are slowing down and I’m getting more comfortable,” Hirata said about his return to driving front-engine machines, after an anxious outing at the season-opening Bakersfield March Meet.

“Rear-engine cars are sissy cars,” Hirata said, when asked to contrast the “Orange Crate” with the rear-engined A/Fuel dragster that Hirata races in competition in NHRA’s Top Alcohol Dragster class. “Front-engine dragsters are men cars. I’m getting more used to the front-engine dragsters, which are a riot to drive.  You never know what will happen.  The sensation of everything is magnified because of the vision… there is none!”

This shoot-’em-up will be the second of six NHRA Heritage Series events in 2014 to feature the AA/Fuel Dragsters. Indiana-based Hirata is among a number of Midwest-based Top Fuel racers descending upon Bowling Green’s Beech Bend Raceway. Nitro racers are also coming from both coasts. Among the most-feared combatants is the “Bartone Bros.” entry out of Long Island City, who will carom to Kentucky after setting California on its ear two months ago at the Bakersfield March Meet. At that event, driver Tony Bartone trampled the competition, setting Top Speed of the Meet (262-mph), Low ET (5.62 seconds) while taking the event title.

Among Bartone’s adversaries who want to show Bartone the way back to the Statue of Liberty is the Northern California-based “WW2” entry of Jim Murphy, who took Top Fuel at Bowling Green last year en route to winning the 2013 Heritage Series Championship.

This weekend in Kentucky, Bartone wants to continue his domination. Murphy wants to repeat. And Hirata is here to show the rest of the class that he knows the quickest route to Top Fuel Eliminator is a straight line. -30–

The Top Fuel Schedule for the 12th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion is as follows:

Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1: Thursday, June 12, 3 p.m
Top Fuel Qualifying Session 2: Friday, June 13, 12 noon
Top Fuel Qualifying Final Session:  Friday, June 13, 3 p.m.
Top Fuel Eliminations, Saturday, June 14, 11 a.m.

Live streaming of the 12th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion is available via bangshift.com

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NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Schedule for 12th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green

NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Schedule for 12th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green

Heritage Series Top Fuel Schedule at this weekend’s 12th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green, Kentucky:
Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1: Thursday, June 12th, 3 p.m
Top Fuel Qualifying Session 2: Friday, June 13, 12 noon
Top Fuel Qualifying Final Session: Friday, June 13, 3 p.m.
Top Fuel Eliminations, Saturday, June 14th, 11 a.m.

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Tony Bartone sizzles through the Famoso finish line. (photo c/o maxcacklephotos.com)

Auto Club Famoso Raceway, March 9, 2014—Call it regime change. The Bartone Brothers rolled their menacing nitro-powered dragster out from Long Island City, New York all the way west to Auto Club Famoso Raceway north of Bakersfield and, by both sheer power and guile, trounced the California-centric Top Fuel competition at the 2014 March Meet.

Their domination began in time trials, when driver Tony Bartone scored the #1 qualifying spot in his Steve Boggs-tuned rail, with a quarter-mile elapsed time of 5.63 seconds, six-hundredths ahead of the #2 qualifier and 2011 March Meet Top Fuel winner, Rick White, in his San Diego-based entry, “Neal & White.”


2014 March Meet Top Fuel runner-up Rick White. (photo c/o maxcacklephotos.com)

During eliminations, White weeded through his side of the tournament ladder with a series of strong 5-second runs, handily dispatching Roger Lechtenberg, Dusty Green, and Adam Sorokin. Meanwhile Bartone, after running unopposed in the first round, put the power to the pavement against Pleasanton, CA’s Ron August in the second round, with a sizzling 5.629 clocking. This set up a pivotal semi-final round against local racer Rick McGee. In that heat, “T-Bone” strapped a “holeshot” on McGee, with Bartone’s quicker reaction time enabling his 5.82 at only 213-mph to get to the finish line first, as McGee left late and unsuccessfully gave chase with a superior elapsed time of 5.70 seconds at a boisterous but futile top-end speed of 257-mph.

In the final round against White, once again Bartone drilled his opposition on the start. But it didn’t end there, as T-Bone hit every mark at the expense of White: Yes, Bartone not only left first, he then posted a peerless 5.623 at an insane 262 mph to White’s second-best, 5.71, 252. With that pass and those numbers, Bartone scored the Top Fuel hat trick: Top Eliminator, Top Speed and Low ET. In other words, utter domination and the first March Meet Top Fuel victory from a racer east of Lake Michigan since Indianapolis driver Paul Romine won in 1996. -30–



1 Tony Bartone 118
2 Rick White 97
3 Rick McGee 75
4 Adam Sorokin 71
5 Rick Williamson 54
6 Denver Schutz 54
7 Ron August, Jr. 53
8 Dusty Green 52
9 Jim Murphy 36
10 Dave Hirata 33
11 Terry Cox 32
12 Jim Young 32
13 Brendan Murry 32
14 Bill Dunlap 31
15 Roger Lechtenberg 31
16 Jimmy Boyd 31


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Jim Murphy’s “WW2″ AA/Fueler. (photo by Stephen Justice)

AA/FD HQ, March 5, 2014—This weekend a pair of dragster-driving Jims from separate parts of America will converge just north of Bakersfield at Auto Club Famoso Raceway, to settle some scores in Top Fuel Eliminator and maybe make history.

After claiming the 2012 and 2013 March Meet titles in Frank Ousley’s “Crop Duster” fueler, Wisconsin-based Jimi Young’s goal is to three-peat, joining the late local legend James Warren as the only driver to claim the Top Fuel trifecta. (Warren did it in 1975, ’76 and ’77.)

“In my opinion the March Meet is the most prestigious race there is,” Young said. “Never in my wildest dreams would I think that we would win not one, but two of them. It is truly a honor to be on the list with all those great names that have won in the past fifty-plus years.”

Young’s challenge to win a third consecutive time is made even more daunting by his recent change of steeds, not to mention an entirely different thermodynamic approach to winning Top Fuel. This year Young is no longer shoeing Frank Ousley’s Chrysler-powered “Crop Duster”; instead he is at the helm of his own “Young Guns” slingshot, which uses a 388-cubic inch small-block Chevy for propulsion. One constant this year is Ousley himself, who is credited as crew chief for Young’s entry.

“Our goal for this race is not only to win, but to leave with both the Top Speed  and Low ET for a Chevy,” Jimi said. “Frank and myself put a package together that is more than capable of running in the 5.50 range, it just needs laps. We will test on Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully figure out what the car wants before qualifying.”

Jimi Young's "Young Guns" AA/Fueler.

Jimi Young’s “Young Guns” AA/Fueler.

One man standing in the “Young Gun’s” way is the other Jim: Jim Murphy, a veteran drag racer from Santa Rosa, California and the 2013 NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Champion. His goal is to win a fifth March Meet Top Fuel title, thus tying drag-strip legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits’s feat, who bested all comers at Bakersfield five times between 1965 and 1987. 

“The March Meet has always been special to me,” Jim Murphy explained. “One of the reasons is that we won the race in 1972 with my funny car. I had not completed my licensing yet so Ed McCulloch drove the car. This may have been the reason the hook was set so deep as it was so much fun and seemed so easy to win.”

Easy, peasy. His joking aside, Jim Murphy knows better than any racer how daunting the March Meet can be. It took another quarter-century for Murphy to grace the Famoso Raceway Winner’s Circle. He won as a driver for the first time in 1998. Now, after fifteen years of doing battle in the AA/Fuel Dragster scene, he is poised and ready for a historic fifth win.

“I believe we have one of the top two or three cars in the circuit right now,” Murphy reported. “There was only one round all of last year that when that car went to the starting line, it did not win. Our plan it to keep that performance going.”

Murphy’s math about round wins wasn’t off.  His new car is Frank Ousley’s “Crop Duster”—the same piece of pipe that Jimi Young won the last two March Meets in.

Besides tuning Young’s mount, Ousley is also assisting with Murphy’s machine.

Even while factoring in another dozen AA/Fuel Dragster entries who are poised to seize Bakersfield, this year’s March Meet could come down to a see-sawing contest of wills between the two Jims. And Frank Ousley is the fulcrum.

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Top Fuel Test Means No Rest for the Best

WW2 at Famoso

WW2 at Famoso. photo c/o maxcacklephotos.com

AA/FD HQ, February 27, 2014–Despite the torrential downpour hammering Southern California this weekend, NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Champ Jim Murphy will test at Famoso Raceway, in hopes of leveraging his odds in winning a 5th March Meet Title. This feat would equal the accomplishment of Don Garlits, who claimed Top Fuel at Bakersfield in 1965, ’71, ’79, ’86 and ’87.

As reported by Drag Racing Online, AA/Fuel Dragster stalwart Murphy is on a mission. “We are going to be at the track Saturday to shake off the rust,” Murphy the defending 2013 NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel champ, said in all modesty.

In the DRO feature, Murphy explains his continuing quest to improve his chances at repeating as Heritage Series champ, as well scoring that coveted 5th March Meet.

“We worked very hard over the winter on the new car that I got from Frank Ousley. It’s one bad hot rod and all we really did was make it a lot easier to work on, get the cockpit more comfortable for me and were able to take a little more weight off the car,” Murphy reported.

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AA/FD HQ, February 25, 2014–With a healthy complement of AA/Fuel Dragsters added to the mix, Drag Racing Online is reporting fifty fuel-burning entries for competition at the upcoming March Meet. 

Among the notable Top Fuel entries cited by DRO is Jim Young. “Young will bring out his ‘Young Guns’ 388-c.i. small-block Chevy-powered slingshot to Bakersfield and hopes to score the March Meet Top Fuel trifecta.”

DRO continues: “There are fourteen confirmed entries in Top Fuel, and the rest of the class have agendas of their own which are at cross purposes to Young’s pursuit. Heritage Series Top Fuel champ Jim Murphy is looking for a fifth March Meet Top Fuel title, a feat, which will tie him with drag racing legend Don Garlits.”

2014 March Meet tickets are available at the Autoclub Famoso Raceway website.


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